Under 18s

Weekend showreel course £100

A full range of specialised creative products for children and young adults.

Three day courses that are uniquely designed to create bespoke industry quality showreel scene that showcases your child’s talent to the best of their abilities. Each script will be specially created for the courses and each participant will recieve direction and advice from industry professionals who have experience of directing children and young adults in both film/TV and theatre.

Scripts will be given 2 weeks prior to course so that participants can learn them.

Scripts are copy written under NorthSouth Creative and are not to be used for any other purpose.

Courses will run throughout the year during school holidays.

If you were to book onto more than one course we would ensure that your child is given a different script and a different character type to perform. There is also a discount for returning participants.

 7 – 12years old

13 – 17years old


In addition to the showreel courses we also offer:

Audition prep – £20 per hour 1-1 advice and direction on performance, which piece to choose and on how how to get the most out of your audition.

Headshots – £50 (£25 if booked in with course)

Showreel Editing – Enquire for quote


Email p.gadsby@northsouthcreative.co.uk for more information.